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From October 24th to November 4th, 2019

Join us in a beautiful moto tour in Japan with an incredible Japan views, cousine and a fascinating history. Amazing curves, sea landscapes in this is the ancientest Japan, immerse in nature sorrounded mountains and lakes. Come to discover an charming civilisation where every corner is history.

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16 days/15 nights

5 days/4 nights

Day 0: arrive in Japan and first briefing - 0km

After your flight from Japan, you will have a first leisure and shopping day in Tokyo you can also use to have some rest before the departure. On first day evening you will then have the tour first briefing.

Day 2: Gora → Nishiizu - 132km

Day 3: Dogashima → Lake Kawaguchi - 150km

Day 4: Kawaguchi Lake → Takayama - 210km

Day 5: free day in Shirakawa - Go and Takayama - 0km

Day 6: Eiheiji → Noto Peninsula - 300km

Day 7: Noto Peninsula → Kusatsu - 310 km

Day 8: Kusatsu → Nikko - 210km

Day 9: free day in Nikko - 0km

Day 10: Nikko → Hibara Lake - 210km

Day 11: Hibara Lake → Hiraizumi - 272km

Day 12: free day in Hiraizumi 0km

Day 13: Hiraizumi → Mount Zao - 300km

Day 14: Mount Zao → Motegi - 290km

Day 15: Motegi Circuit → Rental819 110km

Day 16: Fly back to Italy

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