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Recommended period: April to October

If you are a passionate biker and you want to discover some of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Italy, with the best scenic roads, enjoy regional-gourmet dishes, visit local markets to discover a side of Italy rarely seen by tourists. Very well, this tour is for you.

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In short: “a dreamy tour”. Its starts with some Alps passes and mountains lakes, including Lake Garda, to reach the romantic Venice. From the lagoon city, we will continue towards the deltas of the most important Italian rivers, then towards the bank river Po, in the direction of Cinque Terre, stopping in the medieval city of Mantova. It will be unforgettable to arrive in Portovenere, on the ligurian coast, in the park of the Cinque Terre, declared World Heritage on Humanity by Unesco. We will then reach Tuscany, where you will visit the famous Carrara quarries, crossing the impervious Regional Park of the Apuan Alps. You will ride on some of the most beautiful Tuscan roads, stopping in the wonderful cities of art: Lucca, Pisa, Firenze, Siena and villages of Chianti will leave you speechless. And what about San Gimignano and Volterra? From there, you will go ahead east towards the “backbone” of Italy, the Apennino, along the beautiful landscape of the Crete Senesi, before being enchanted by the medieval city of Assisi. The last stage will see you along the most beautiful consular roads of central Italy, which have made great and contributed to the affirmation of the Roman Empire, to reach the goal of this tour, the only possible: Roma, the eternal city. For many cities of art can be dedicated more days of rest to allow more detailed visits, so do not hesitate to make a request when booking.


11 days / 10 nights (9 riding days)

km 2106/miles 1253

Day 1: Arrive in Milan

Day 2: from Milan to Riva del Garda - km 260/miles 162

Highlights: Iseo lake, Presolana pass, Croce Domini, Ledro lake

Day 3: from Riva del Garda to Venezia - km 253/miles 158

Highlights along the way: Col di Castion, Fugazze pass, colli Euganei, baia di Chioggia

Day 4: from Venezia to Mantova - km 254/miles 159

Highlights along the way: strada dei Murazzi, delta dell'Adige, argine del Po

Day 5: from Mantova to Portovenere (cinque terre) - km 234/miles 146

Highlights along the way: argine del Po, Cisa pass

Day 6: from Portovenere to Firenze - km 243/miles 151

Highlights: il golfo della Spezia, coastline of Viareggio, regional park of Alpi Apuane, Regional park of Appennino Modenese, Abetone.

Day 7: from Firenze to Pisa - km 184/miles 115

Highlights: lucca, piazza dei miracoli, Livorno

Day 8: from Firenze to Siena - km 212/miles 132

Highlights: foresta di Vallombrosa, Chianti, San Gimignano, Volterra.

Day 9: from Siena to Assisi - km 242/miles 152

Highlights: le Crete Senesi, Asciano, Pienza, City of Pieve, ss71, ss79, ss317

Day 10: from Assisi to Roma - km 225/miles 140

Highlights: Valnerina, Marmore cascade, ss3

Day 11: Farewall!

Highlights: Roma

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