SELF GUIDED - Motorcycle Tour Sardinia, Sicily and Calabria, Italian Islands, southern Italy Tour and Amalfi Coast


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Recommended periods: April/June - September/October

Sardinia and Sicily, the largest islands in the Mediterranean, a true paradise for motorcyclists with  fabulous cuisine and spectacular beaches. Calabria will be the surprise of this tour, a region that is wedged powerfully between the waters of the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian, Amalfi Coast with the tour to the archaeological site of Pompeii.


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Sardinia and Sicily are the largest islands in the Mediterranean, a true paradise for motorcyclists, where there are well-maintained roads with little traffic, often with perfect asphalt, fabulous cuisine and spectacular beaches. Sardinia is a land of ancient heritage and fascinating mysticism, the spectacle for its splendid coast, with its archaeological treasures and its frank, proud but extremely hospitable inhabitants. In Sicily you will find surprises at every turn, wonderful secondary roads and panoramic views to strain your eyes !!! Enjoy the gorgeous Palermo, the magnificent ruins of the Valle dei Tempi in Agrigento, fine mosaics in Villa Romana del Casale, the grandeur of the Greek vestiges of Syracuse, the absolute beauty of Taormina and the food to say the least incredible. Ride leaving to the shoulders the deep blue of the sea going to Etna, climbing the highest European volcano, a unique experience. Calabria will be the unexpected surprise of this incredible journey, a region that is wedged powerfully between the splendid waters of the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian, light touching Sicily, separated only by the Strait of Messina, which we will cross in this fantastic experience. Mild climate, the splendid colors of the sea, the rocky coasts alternating with sandy coasts, its wild and mysterious nature, the intense and genuine flavors of the local cuisine, make it a unique place, light years away from the usual tourist routes. And the streets, a marvel! Now, you will take the opportunity to further enrich your travel experience which is already unique and unforgettable, riding your bikes along one of the most famous landscapes in the world, that of the famous Amalfi Coast, without forgetting the guided tour to the archaeological site of Pompeii. Lots of stuff, an ambitious project. Ready ??? The heartbeating, vital and mysterious, of the Mediterranean awaits you.


13 days/12 nights (11 riding days)

Km 2789/miles 1733

Day 1: Welcome to Rome!

Day 2: from Rome to Civitavecchia - km 231/miles 143

Highlight: Fara in Sabina, Lake of Bracciano, Ferry board

Day 3: from Olbia to Alghero - km 276/miles 171

Highlight: Tempio Pausania, valle della Luna, Castelsardo, Stintino, Alghero

Day 4: from Alghero to Sugologone - km 234/miles 145

Highlight: Coastline Alghero - Bosa, nuraghe Losa, Bosa, Gennargentu, murales Orgosolo, Sugologone

Day 5: from Sugologone to Cagliari ferry - km 259/miles 161

Highlight: ss125 Orientale Sarda, costa Rei, Ferry board

Day 6: from Palermo to Agrigento - km 196/miles 122

Highlight: duomo Monreale, reggia Ficuzza, Corleone, Palazzo Adriano, Prizzi

Day 7: from Agrigento to Siracusa - km 236/miles 146

Highlight: valle dei templi, villa Romana del Casale, Siracusa

Day 8: from Siracusa to Taormina - km 183/miles 114

Highlight: escursione al cratere del Monte Etna

Day 9: from Taormina to Cosenza - km 301/miles 188

Highlight: Scilla, Tropea, Pizzo Calabro, La Sila

Giorno 10: from Cosenza To Maratea - km 246/miles 153

Highlight: ss107, Morano Calabro, Mormanno, Scalea, Maratea

Giorno 11: from Maratea to Positano - km 270/miles 168

Highlight: ss18, Palinuro, Parco Nazionale del Cilento, costa Amalfitana, Positano

Giorno 12: from Positano to Roma - km 359/miles 223

Highlight: Amalfitana cost, scavo archeologico Pompei, autostrada napoli-roma

Day 13: Farewall!

Highlights: Roma

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